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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11232962121518423222811123Paul CashinRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade A23 1Balnarring
21183244481518423165394118Billy QuigleyRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 1sts3 1Mt Martha
31022965341518423223222102Trevor DangerfieldRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B28 2Tyabb
499149955151842322285699Jason WicksRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade A212 1Balnarring
593324448151842316540493*Billy QuigleyRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 1sts6 1Delacombe Park
6911061746151842333233291Beau MurrayRosebud 22019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U16 Central2 1Crib Point
7901061755151842322322290Liam PeirceRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B28 2Tyabb
8891057618151842316551889Liam CollettRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 2nds8 1Hastings
984304429151842316540784Kane DonaldRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 1sts7 1Dromana
1082149955151842322283482Jason WicksRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade A28 1Baxter
1181304429151842316541481Kane DonaldRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 1sts8 1Hastings
1271297107151842316539471*Ryan GodwinRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 1sts3 1Mt Martha
1371598472151842316554271Kieran HanleyRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 2nds14 1Mt Martha
1466310402151842316552366*Cameron HaigRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 2nds10 1Dromana
1566388022151842322319866*Jason PeirceRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B23 1Dromana
1664300511151842322319864Andrew CarlyonRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B23 1Dromana
1764149955151842322280064Jason WicksRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade A21 1Pines
18631061755151842322318763*Liam PeirceRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B21 1Mornington
1963825110151842333233863Tyler Francis - FisherRosebud 22019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U16 Central4 1Mt Eliza 2
20621319731151842333573062*Tavis SvendsenRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U14 South8 1Mt Martha 3
21621061755151842322322262Liam PeirceRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B28 1Tyabb
2259388022151842322323259*Jason PeirceRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B210 2Mornington
2355296534151842322321655*Trevor DangerfieldRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B27 1Boneo
2454299040151842316543354Daniel PoulterRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 1sts13 1Carrum
25541061736151842333233254*Dieter HeylbutRosebud 22019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U16 Central2 1Crib Point
26531361899151842339735753William DrummondRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U14 SouthSF 1Rye
2752298476151842322319352Stan MichalasRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B22 1Main Ridge
28521361899151842333571252*William DrummondRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U14 South4 1Main Ridge
2951324448151842316543851Billy QuigleyRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 1sts14 1Mt Martha
3051300511151842322322251Andrew CarlyonRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - Grade B28 1Tyabb
31501061736151842333235950*Dieter HeylbutRosebud 22019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U16 Central9 1Mornington 2
3250299040151842316549050*Daniel PoulterRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - District 2nds1 1Crib Point
33501557943151842333242250*Blake LongRosebud 12019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U16 South8 1Dromana
34501319731151842333571250*Tavis SvendsenRosebud2019/2020Bendigo Community Bank - U14 South4 1Main Ridge
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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